A small fragile tear, Born of deep sadness and fear, Brings release to my heart.

An adventure into Holocaust history by a group of eighth grade Social Studies and Language Arts students at Gregg Middle School turned into a commemorative quilt. The finished product, a 94- by 79-inch quilt, is now in the collection of the Charleston County Public Library as part of the Jerry and Anita Zucker Holocaust Collection. This website presents information found during the process of creating the Holocaust Survivors' Quilt.

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Explore the Collection

In addition to the Holocaust Memorial Quilt, which serves as the centerpiece for this project, this website offers viewers a chance to explore related archival materials, including photographs, documents, oral histories, and much more.

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Holocaust Quilt Image

A Survivor's Tale: Guta Blass Weintraub (1925-2008)

Noach (Natan) and Bluma Blas, Moshe and Guta Lodz Poland June 2, 1936Guta Blass Weintraub exemplifies the heroism of the millions, the victims of Nazi atrocities during World War II. From 1939 - 1944, after years of horrible human degradation and suffering, Guta, her remaining family, and other victims were marched to a ditch in the Majowka work camp in Poland. The German officer there shouted, "You have one minute to say your prayers. You'll be shot." Guta, a 20-year-old woman at the time, jumped on the officer. When other German soldiers pulled them apart, one of them shot Guta in the head. She was wounded, but lived. The incident aborted the mass execution that day. Guta died in August 2008, at the age of 83.

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