Her Story

Francine Ajzensztark Taylor was born in 1928 in Karczew, Poland. In 1931, her father, a tailor, moved his family to Paris to escape Polish antisemitism. He became involved with the French Underground during World War II and was killed at Auschwitz following his arrest.  Francine, Suzanne, and their mother, Germaine Königsberg Ajzensztark, survived by hiding in rural France and using false identification papers. After the war ended, the women returned to Paris, where Francine and Suzanne found work at Orly Air Base. Francine met Harry Taylor, an American serviceman, while working at Orly, and, in 1949, the two became engaged and returned to the United States. They eventually settled in Charleston, South Carolina, with their two sons.

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Francine Taylor

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Francine, Germaine Ajzensztark (her mother), and Suzanne Baton (her sister) in Paris, France, ca. 1948. This photograph was taken in their Paris flat, 17 Blvd de la Villette Paris 10, right after they got it back. They had to go through a lawsuit to get their flat back from a woman that occupied it during the war and didn't want to return it to Francine's family.