Their Stories

Erika S. Blass was born to Marie-Gertrude Botta-Stockfleth and William Stockfleth. Her mother, who was Jewish, died in February of 1945 from pneumonia and lack of medication. Her father, who was Protestant, helped a Jewish family escape to South America and was arrested in Grevesmuehlen, East Germany. He died in a Russian prison camp.

In 1939, Harry Blass was sent to the Lodz ghetto. From there, he was taken to Auschwitz, then to Austria to work in an ammunition factory, where he stayed until the Americans liberated his camp.

In 1951, Harry married Erika, and having both lost their families in the war, they moved to the U.S. a year later. In 1966, the couple moved to Charleston, SC.

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Hershel (Harry) and Erika Blass

Susan Blass
Susan Blass, daughter of Erika and Harry Blass.